Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mike Gordon ConsumerPowerline

Conversation with Mike Gordon Founder/CEO of ConsumerPowerline (CPLN)

Executive Green: Please tell me about your company.

Mike Gordon: ConsumerPowerline (CPLN) is a full service strategic energy asset management firmthat assists Fortune 1000 companies with large power needs gain greater control over their energy expenditures and assets By utilizing real-time data to optimize and manage energy consumption, we help our clients reduce demand for electricity during periods of system-wide peak. This increased control not only creates new sources of revenue, but also improves property values, creates a funding mechanism for building improvements, and helps our client contacts become thought leaders in both their company and the industry.

EG: Why are Demand Response Solutions (DRS) important?

MG: DRS is essential because of the market’s failures to build adequate power plants, invest in upgrading transmission, and deploy renewable energy solutions. We will never have a perfect energy infrastructure unless we apply DRS.

As larger companies show successful implementation of DRS, the technology will move down market to smaller businesses and eventually into the residential market.

EG: Why did you start CPLN?

MG: I’ve recognized energy efficiency and cleaner power production as a critical market for 25 years now. In today’s market there is great opportunity to build sustainable valuable energy solutions for end user customers.

EG: Have you had difficulty hiring? Why?

MG: It is challenging to find innovative thinkers in an industry that has shown little transformation in 30+ years.

EG: How sophisticated is the investment community’s knowledge of energy services?

MG: The venture industry is catching up, and research in the public market for companies like Comverge and EnerNoc gets wiser each month. I have found no real difference in the quality of venture investors on either coast. There is no geographic center of investors focused on energy services.

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