Wednesday, October 31, 2007

California Clean Tech Open

Executive Green congratulates all the participants and winners of this years California Clean Tech Open (CCTO).

Hosted at the San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts, the CCTO featured the innovation of passionate entrepreneurs that are meeting the challenges of developing a more sustainable economy.

It was inspiring to see so many bright minds come together to be part of the solution. In attendance where different capital classes (Venture, Debt, Investment Banking, etc) strategizing on how to fund businesses to maturity, people identifying how their skill set can fit into the Green Frontier, and Exhibitors raising the public’s awareness about their offerings.

Winners and runners up are:

Smart Power Award

Winner - Lucid Design Group

Lucid creates real-time feedback on the environmental performance of buildings and homes to engage, educate and motivate occupants to better conserve environmental resources.

Runner Up - Federspiel Controls

Federspiel Controls provides a wireless control system called the Federspiel Advanced Control System (FACS). FACS performs supervisory control of HVAC systems, reducing energy consumption and improving maintenance and operations.

Air, Water and Waste Award

Winner - Microvi Biotech LLC

Microvi Biotech is leading a modern environmental biotechnology revolution that will make the decontamination of water resources cost-effective and conventional treatments obsolete, and forever change the current ways of providing pollution control, remediating water resources, and treating industrial and municipal wastewater.

Runner Up - EarthGuard

EarthGuard manufactures environmentally friendly plastic packaging.

Green Building Award

Winner - BuildFast

BuildFast is a building materials manufacturing company that has developed an innovative House Kit solution to help governments and nonprofits build low-income and post-disaster housing around the world - an untapped, multi-billion dollar market

Runner Up - Enverity Corporation

Enverity Corporation develops and markets web-based enterprise software applications that automate and facilitate improved corporate data management and reporting (initially focused on environmental, health, safety compliance and greenbuilding).

Transportation Award

Winner - Syncromatics

Syncromatics provides real-time bus tracking systems for transit operators; our services bring efficiency to routes and information to riders, while cutting the operating costs of bus fleets. Syncromatics uses GPS and cellular networks to transmit location, speed and passenger information from buses to your web browser in under 5 seconds.

Runner Up - Hum Cycles

Hum Cycles is the first production electric motorcycle to rival any gasoline sportbike. More importantly, the motorcycle and the company will be at the cutting edge of environmental sustainability. Hum Cycles is designed from cradle to cradle with recycled and recyclable materials, is non-toxic and amazingly efficient.

Renewables Award

Winner - 1-Solar

1-Solar, Inc., has patent-pending technologies, proof-of-principle prototypes and industry experiences to design, manufacture and market the next generation of inverters that have double to triple the life of current technology inverters, yet cost less.

Runner Up - Tahoe Water Systems

Tahoe Water Systems provides a self-contained solar/wind based solution that is competitively priced in acquisition, installation and operational costs.

Energy Efficiency Award

Winner - NiLA Inc.

The NiLA Lighting System uses 50% to 70% less electricity and generates 75% less heat than tungsten or high intensity discharge (HID) lights, thus substantially reducing air conditioning costs and creating a more comfortable working environment for its first target market - stage set lighting for the entertainment industry.

Runner Up - Ahwahnee Technology

Today, lighting consumes roughly 20% of our global electricity, wasting more than 70% of it as heat. This whole process causes nearly as much CO2 as that made by all cars. Ahwahnee energy-efficient lighting is the simplest way to cut 10% of global electricity usage and greenhouse gases.


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Randy Owens said...

An Open letter to the Cleantech Open:
Is the CleanTech Open an open contest?
It is disturbing to read reports online that imply that the Cleantech Open is rigged like the DOE funding has been.
When companies sponsor and decide on cleantech contests, when those companies are opposed to cleantech or who have invested interests in making sure only their version of cleantech moves forward and all others are stalled, is that fair?
Where is the 100% transparency in your contest? How do you guarantee that the rigging that Solyndra, Tesla, Fisker, A123, EnerDel, Abound and similar $$-kick-back “winners”/taxpayer losers isn’t happening with your “contest”?
Where are each and every note from their reviewers published? Where is the bio and financial disclosure of each of the reviewers?
The players seem to be the same. The past “winners” and “losers” seem to match the same list as the list of “connected” and “unconnected” companies. Kind of like a mob deal, right?
Does an unaffiliated open call to the public validate the winners? Why isn’t there one? It looks like Deloitte and Chevron and banks tell the organizers who is going to win, how can they prove to the public that is not the case?
The world is waiting for your response in an open letter posted on this website. Most applicants won’t even apply to the contest because it looks fixed. They say that the best way to control an industry is to control the industry. Are corporate investor groups rigging the run?
Bay Area Technology Alliance