Tuesday, June 19, 2007

CleanTech Job Search

I always advise people actively managing their career path to use the process of changing jobs as an opportunity to market their skills and expand their professional network. New and better employment isn’t the only goal: a dynamically managed job search also yields a clearer picture of your own value in the marketplace, as well as relationships that may prove helpful down the road.

When moving into CleanTech, prepare for your search by packaging your accomplishments into sound bytes relevant to a wide interviewing audience. As you interview, listen for recurring themes and ideas that resonate best with your skills and interests. The relationships you make can spark an idea that creates your new job.

Below is the end of an email exchange between Executive Green and a recent software refugee who joined a CleanTech company.


Thanks for your advice in the beginning of my search
process. I am excited about my recent transition to a water management company, HydroPoint. The company gives me
an opportunity to stay on the cutting edge of a burgeoning industry, has
significant financial upside, and meets my social agenda to “do good” for the

Early in the interview process it parked in my brain that a
job in CleanTech would be great, but I did not know where to look or whether I
was qualified. After a while I found a common thread in that the
interviewers at Internet companies were interested in how I could take my
knowledge of scaling businesses and implement similar strategies for them.
Once I focused on selling my skill set on how companies scale, it played well
into CleanTech deals.

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